DIY Arrow Light Tutorial

DIY Arrow Light Tutorial
DIY Arrow Light Tutorial

List of materials:

• 1 brass loop 1/8F IPS
• 4 5-inch brass pipes 1/8F IPS
• 4 3-inch brass pipes 1/8F IPS
• 1 6-inch brass pipe 1/8F IPS (size can vary depending on how low you want your light to hang)
• 4 Edison porcelain keyless sockets 660W-250V 1/8-27 CAP
• 5 1/8F x 1/8F x 1/8F IPS arm backs
• 1 4-hole 1/8 sides x 1/8 bottom x 1/8 top large cluster body
• 5 feet of two-wire twisted cord (more depending on ceiling height)
• 4 Satco globe lights 25W G25 clear (not pictured)
• 5 1/8F nipples
• 4 1/8F 1-inch couplings
• 15 feet of single-strand conductor wire in white (UL 1007/1569, 26 AWG, 300 VAC)
• 15 feet of single-strand conductor wire in black (UL 1007/1569, 26 AWG, 300 VAC)
• One package of twist-on wire connectors 3 (22 AWG) Min, 3 (16 AWG) Max, 300V
• A pair of wire strippers
• 1 roll of electrical tape
• A screwdriver
• Magna-Tac glue
• 3 Decorative Wooden Arrows

Other Resources: All brass lamp pars from Grand Brass. Other wires and hardware from McMaster-Carr.

Wire the Sockets:

1. Unscrew the back of a socket from the ceramic body using the screws located inside the socket opening.
2. Cut a 1-foot length of both black and white wire. Use your wire stripper to remove about 1/4 inch of the plastic sheath from the ends of each wire.
3. Twist the exposed wire ends to keep them from fraying, and bend them to form a hook.
4. Be sure to always attach the black wire to the gold screw and the white wire to the silver screw. Hook each wire in place around the base of each screw and tighten. Reattach the socket backing, threading the wires through the hole in the top.
5. Repeat this process for the remaining sockets.
Tip: Always hook the wire around the screws so that it wraps clockwise. This will help keep it in place as you screw.

Construct the Arms:

1. Construct a brass arm by screwing together a 3-inch pipe, a 5-inch pipe, and a brass arm back (shown above). Screw the socket in place, threading the wires all the way through to the end of the 5-inch pipe.
2. Repeat this process for the remaining arms, and screw them into the four side holes in the cluster body.

Prep the Cloth Wire:

1. To prep the cloth wire, push back the cloth covering from the end and secure it with electrical tape.
2. Strip both wires about 1/2 inch from the ends.

Join the Wires:

1. Join all the small white wires in the cluster body with the larger white cloth wire by twisting them together. Secure with a twist on the wire connector. Repeat the process with the black wires.
2. Gently push the wires inside the cluster body, and reattach the cap. Thread the cloth wire through the hole in the top.
3. Thread the cloth wire through the remaining 6-inch brass pipe, and screw it to the top of the cluster body.

Finish Up:

1. Screw the brass loop to the top of your 17-inch pipe.
Tip: At this point, I recommend using an electrician to install your new chandelier. You should let her or him know that you will need a brass dome canopy kit to complete the install.

Making the Decorative Finials:
1. Cut the feather and arrow tips off two of your arrows, leaving an even amount of shaft on each cut piece. Mine had about 2.5 inches of shaft, but it all depends on the length of the arrow.
2. Cut the third arrow in half – it will attach to the bottom of the cluster body.
Tip: You can use a small craft saw to make the cuts.

Attach the hardware to the arrows:
1. Screw the nipple half way in to the brass coupling, and glue the arrow in to the opposite side. Repeat this process for the remaining arm finials.
2. Screw the remaining nipple to the top hole of the arm back. I used Magna-Tac glue here.

Attaching the finals:
1. Once the glue is dry, screw the finials in place.

Finishing touches:
1. Attach the arm back to the hole in the bottom of the cluster body.
2. Glue the ends of your arrows into the openings in the sides of the arm back.
Tip: You can use a stack of books to help support the arrows as the glue dries.
Source:Design Sponge

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