Diy Crystal Rope Necklace Tutorial

Diy Crystal Rope Necklace Tutorial
Diy Crystal Rope Necklace Tutorial

Kit Supplies:

  • Rope
  • Crystal Necklace Charm
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Jump Rings
  • End caps
  • Cream thread
  • Needle
  • E6000 glue

Additional Supplies:

  • Beading plyers
  • Scissors

How to:

1. Start by removing the tape around the end of the rope. Test the rope around your neck and trim to necklace length if necessary.

2. Put a squirt of glue into the end cap.

3. Press one end of the rope into the end cap. Repeat for the other end.

4.Your necklace base will look like this.

5. Place your crystal charm in line with the necklace, locating it in the middle of the rope.

6. Thread your needle with cotton thread and tie a knot in the end. Bring the needle through the back of the rope and the eyelet at the end of the charm.

7. Take the needle back through the rope to secure.

8. Sew the charm onto the rope by going through the rope and wrapping the cham tightly to keep in place. When you get to the end sew through the eyelet.

9. Bring the needle through to the back and tie in a knot, trimming any loose thread.

10 & 11. Add the jump rings and lobster clasps onto the end caps to secure.

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