DIY Customize Shoes With A Bow

DIY Customize Shoes With A Bow
DIY Customize Shoes With A Bow

How to customize your shoes Isabel Marant you need:

-A pair of shoes (Salome, Birkenstock ect …) the important thing is they have a flange on the front foot

-A piece of leather as your chausures

-A pair of scissors

-a chalk

-A silver pen Posca

-From A needle and thread

To customize your shoes with year Isabel Marant look You Need:

-A pair of shoes (Salome, Birkenstock ect …) this is the major They need to Log-have a strip on the forehead

-A piece of leather to your assorted shoes



-A Posca pen

-Needle And thread

How To Make

raw a shape in length (I’ll leave up to your creativity and your imagination to make;-) and a knot.

Draw a long form (I let you use your imagination and creativity to make it:-) and a bow.

Isabel Marant shoes diy node

And cut them out.

And cut ’em.

Reposition them on the leather to replicate again.

Em up on the leather to cut ’em one more time.

You get two nodes and two tongues.

You get 2 bows and 2 strips.

Draw with your indelible pen small dots throughout the elements.

Draw with the silver pen small dots along the items.

Apply a small dot of glue on the top of the tongue.

Apply a small quantity of glue at the top of the strip.

Paste the knot on top.

And stick the bow on top.

Sew all on the flange of the boot permanently or temporarily depending on your choice.

Sew it to the strip of the gold shoes Permanently Temporarely DEPENDING on your wish.

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