DIY Decorated Flower Bracelet Tutorial

DIY Decorated Flower Bracelet Tutorial
DIY Decorated Flower Bracelet Tutorial

To make a bracelet decorated with flowers you will need:

-A cuff bracelet brass

-Of Resin flowers (there really is a wide range of colors and sizes for my part I wanted pastel)

-De E6000 glue (best glue for this type of project)

-I Opted for a precision tip that can be purchased with glue but you can use a toothpick

To Realize this flower bangle You Need:

-A band

– Flowers in resin (The choice of colors and size is huge I choose pastel colors)

-E6000 Glue (the best glue for this kind of project)

-I Aussi use a precision course you can use a goal toothpick

How To Make

Start by applying glue to the back of each flower. Do not put a large amount to avoid overflows.

Start by Applying a small quantity of glue on the back of Each flower. Do not put too much to Avoid leaking.

Paste and press a few seconds. This glue dries quickly and takes a really long time.

Glue and press Few seconds. This glue dries really fast and lasts long.

I wanted to position the flowers so asymmetrical.

I wanted to up the flower assymetrically.

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