DIY Easter Pallet Art Tutorials

DIY Easter Pallet Art Tutorials
DIY Easter Pallet Art Tutorials

Supplies Needed:

– Pack of Wood Shims

– Wood Glue

– Gray/blue paint (I used a can a paint I bought from the Lowes reject section, so I have NO idea what the color is)

– DecoArt Americana Light Buttermilk Acrylic Paint

– Paint Brush

– Bunny Silhouette ( I used my Silhouette to cut mine)

How To Create A Mini-Pallet Sign For Easter by Design, Dining + Diapers

I used the same technique as my Valentine’s Day Art (pictured above). But this time I chose place the shims in the opposite direction for a little variation.

Next, after shims were dry, I gave it a coat of a light gray paint that has a hint of blue in it. I picked up a quart of it from the Lowes reject section for $2.75. I knew I would use it at some point! Then, I cut out a bunny silhouette using this graphic on my Silhouette and traced it onto my pallet.

To finish things off, I painted the bunny in a Light Buttermilk from DecoArt’s Americana line.
Source:Design Diningan Ddiapers

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