DIY Random Light Inspirerad Lampa

DIY Random Light Inspirerad Lampa
DIY Random Light Inspirerad Lampa

To make your own random light-inspired lamp, you only need four things:
– Pilates ball
– Wallpaper paste
– Paper Yarn (approximately 200 meters)
– Lampsladd

What to do
First blow up pilates ball and wrap it in plain plastic wrap to protect from wallpaper paste.
2nd Mix the wallpaper paste according to package directions.
3rd Dip the string into the glue and wrap until you feel satisfied. Remember to make a hole.
4th Let dry at least 12 hours and feel that it is really dry before the next step.
5th Deflate in pilates ball and pull both it and the plastic film through the hole.

Then mount the light cable and hang the lamp. Extra nicely it becomes with an oversized lamp, available for example at auto parts store and Clas Ohlsson for about 40 kr. The hole you made should be on the side of the light cable so you can easily replace the bulb.

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