Diy Rhino Bookend Tutorials

Diy Rhino Bookend Tutorials
Diy Rhino Bookend Tutorials

A couple of weeks ago, Pippa, Buzzfeed Contributor, asked me if i’d be interested in making an original felt animal for a post of her. Making one was not in my immediate projects and that’s why i agreed. It’s always inspiring to take other people suggestions. At the end of the day I had several ideas i was pretty happy with. We went for the rhino this time, but you’ll see the rest before the end of the year.

For this project you’ll need:
Two different tones of grey felt,
pink felt,
pink thread,
grey thread,
a needle,
a purple embroidery thread,
some wire,
a pair of scissors,
two little black pearls,
a disappearing ink pen,
some cotton pellets and dry lentils (about two cups).

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