Diy Simple Leather Bag Tutorial

Diy Simple Leather Bag Tutorial
Diy Simple Leather Bag Tutorial

The dimensions of the finished bag are: 38 cm by 40 cm

– leather – I used a leather hide of approx. 0.55 m² but any large (combined) piece of leather would do
– leather cording for strap (determine how long you want your straps to be, and add an extra 15 cm to each strap for knotting – so, if one strap measures x you will need 2(x + 15 cm) in total.
– thread, linen or nylon, as long as it’s strong
– magnetic snap
– 2 needles
pricking iron or a stitching awl
– mallet, rubber or wooden hammer
– hole punch
– glue, a standard crafts glue is fine
– optional: beeswax to wax sewing thread
From:Pm Betweenthelines

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