DiY Succulent Flower Crown Tutorial

DiY Succulent Flower Crown Tutorial
DiY Succulent Flower Crown Tutorial

– succulents
– various blooms
– feathers

– floral shears
– floral wire
– floral tape
– hot glue gun
– wire cutters


1. Cut a long piece of wire and make a wire wreath. Wrap the wire around two times to make it sturdy. Measure it around your head to make sure it fits.

2. Wrap the wire wreath with floral tape.

3. Cut your succulents at the base of the plant. Trim a piece of wire and insert it into the base of the succulent.

4. Hot glue feathers to the ends of a few pieces of wire.

5. Process your flowers trimming the stems to about 3 inches.

6. Create small bunches of succulents, flowers and feathers. Wrap each bunch with floral tape. If it’s a thick bunch, also wrap it with wire.

7. Lay out your design on the wire wreath.

8. Attach the bunches to the wire wreath securing them with floral tape.

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