French Hawk Hairstyle Tutorial

French Hawk Hairstyle Tutorial

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1. Section the center part of your hair into a triangle shape and pin up with a clip.

2. French braid both side sections and secure each braid at the nape of your neck with a small elastic.

3. Then pull the ponytails together and secure with a small elastic at the base of the triangle section.

4. Back comb the entire top section of hair.

5. Now twist up the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

6. Loosely French braid the top section of your hair working your way towards the back.

7. When you get about half way down, place in bobby pins to hold the shape.

8. Continue to the ends with a traditional braid and secure with a small elastic.

9. Wrap up the remaining braid and secure it at the base of your neck with bobby pins.



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