How To DIY LED Planter Tutorial

How To DIY LED Planter Tutorial
How To DIY LED Planter Tutorial

– 8 inch plastic planter pot
– thick white rope
– strips of jersey fabric
– micro LED lights (+ batteries)
– Velcro dots

– hot glue gun + glue
– scissors


1. Attach the rope to the bottom edge of the bucket with a glob of hot glue. and start wrapping.

2. Keep wrapping the bucket and adding hot glue along the way.

3. Wrap a little more than halfway up the planter, then snip the rope end and secure with hot glue.

4. Cut the jersey into thin strips, then pull it tightly — it will curl up just like rope!

5. Repeat step 2, but this time with the jersey. Wrap it until you reach the top of the planter.

6. Put batteries into your LED lights battery pack. Then, wrap the lights around the center of your planter where the rope and jersey fabric meet. Secure the lights in place with hot glue.

7. Plant your favorite plant and add a cute sign to make it festive!

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