How To Diy Make A Stationery Set Neon

How To Diy Make A Stationery Set Neon
How To Diy Make A Stationery Set Neon

To make a set of neon stationery you will need:

  • Stationery Supplies
  • Sticky papers
  • Bic
  • gum
  • paperclips
  • jars of jam
  • cork stoppers or plastic

To customize a pen:
Assemble two post it and cut it in the non-sticky side, a rectangle of 2 cm by 11.8 cm.
Open the pen from the top and remove the ink tube.
Roll the piece of colored paper as tightly as possible, you can help yourself with a wooden pick.
Slide the paper roll in the pen turning slowly.
Reset the ink tube in place.
That’s it!

To customize the eraser:
Cut paper to the size of the body of the gum.
Wrap and glue the paper onto the rubber.
Write your message.
That’s it!

To customize clips and turn them into brand pages:
Cut a rectangle of 2 cm by 1 cm in the sticky side of the paper.
Cut out the center in the width of the paper clip (about 3 to 5 mm)
Slide the paper on top of the paper clip, bend it in half to glue the parts together.
Cut the top shape.
That’s it!

To customize a jam jar:
Cut strips into the sticky side of the paper, rounding up. You can also use masking tape.
Glue the strips on the edges of the pot in alternating colors.
That’s it!

To customize caps and turn them into card holder:
Cover a cork with a strip of colored paper and attach with double-sided tape.
Using the knife, make a slit in the middle of the caps and 1 to 2 inches deep.
You simply have to swipe your best shot.
Or download and print Printable “The Work …” that was prepared to encourage you.
That’s it!
You can also customize the old school notebooks keeping blank pages and covering the edge and corners with masking tape.
And please also cover pencils paper.

Source:The Pop Case

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