How To Diy The Fabric Of Your Shoes Tutorial

How To Diy The Fabric Of Your Shoes Tutorial
How To Diy The Fabric Of Your Shoes Tutorial


shoes (preferably fabric for this project)
fabric mod podge
shoe cleaner (soap and water)
white paint
sponge brush


1. Clean the shoes
2. Paint areas that need painting white. I had to paint over the green elastic and green on the rubber of the sole.
3. Place fabric over shoe, trace, and mark the outline of the shoe’s different pieces. I made sure to add extra fabric where the tongue of the shoe is, so it can be folded under and around it. And added extra to the top edge of the back piece in order to fold down into the shoe. This shoe had 2 main pieces so traced and cut out the front piece and back piece. Cut out the pieces.
4. Fabric mod podge the wrong side of the fabric pieces.
5. Lay the pieces in place on the shoe. I started with the back piece first. Then fold the extra into the shoe.
6. Put the front piece in place after the fabric mod podge has been applied, and fold the extra fabric edges under the tongue.
—-let dry for at least 2 hours—
7. Coat the top piece with fabric mod podge and let dry for at least 2 hours.
Source:Cottonand Curls

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