Make Chocolate Spoon Recipe

Make Chocolate Spoon Recipe
Make Chocolate Spoon Recipe

For this you will need:

Material – Chocolate Spoon – The PopCase
-from cooking chocolate: dark, milk, white or praline
-of spoons
-of hazelnuts, pistachios, sugar pearls or candy
-a pot and a container

What to do to make chocolate spoons:

1-Melt the chocolate in a bain marie. Or microwave, 500 watts per 30 seconds.
2-Lay spoons on a plate or tray, with the handle on it, so they are straight.
3-Fill spoons of melted chocolate with a spoon.
4-Decorate spoons gently asking pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds crushed pearls sugar or candy. Wait a few moments before asking the chocolate decorations.
Cool and (avoiding the refrigerator) until the chocolate hardens. Enjoy a cup of hot milk or pacifier. Melt fun …
Source:The Pop Case

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