Make French Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Make French Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

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Make French Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Make French Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

1. Begin by pulling up the front, top section of your hair. The width will be almost to the outside of your eyes.

2. Divide that section into three smaller sections and cross the outside piece over the center piece just as you would with a traditional braid.

3. Now cross the other section over the center section.

4. This takes a little practice, but you can do it! Hold all three sections of hair with the hand opposite of the side you are pulling the first section of hair up from. In this case, her left hand is holding all three braid strands and she is picking up a section of hair on the right with her right hand.

5. Place that section over the original outer strand of hair you first crossed over the center section with in step 2. See how you have three strands again?

6. Now it is time to reverse it. Go to the opposite side and repeat the process of pulling up a new section of hair that you will add to the second strand you crossed over from step 3.

7. Back to three strands.

8. Continue the steps as you shift your hands toward the back of your head. With practice you can do this without a mirror. If you need to see you may need to rig up a mirror on the wall across from a larger mirror slightly angled so you can see what you are doing.

9. Once you get to a point where there is no more hair to pull into your braid, you will simply braid the remaining hair in a traditional braid.

10. Once finished, secure with a small elastic.



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