Make Totally Twisted Hairstyle Tutorial

Make Totally Twisted Hairstyle Tutorial
Make Totally Twisted Hairstyle Tutorial

1. Start off by separating your hair on one side, a little behind your ear.

2. Use a clip to hold the front section in place and out of your way.

3. Do the same thing on the other side.

4. Now, working with the back section, split it into two sections (it is okay if it is not perfectly even) and twist each section.

5. Join the two twists together and secure in place with an elastic.

6. Remove the clip from one of the sections in the front.

7. Twist the front section until you get to the ends.

8. Cross the twisted front section over the back ponytail and then secure the end of the twisted hair with a bobby pin into the previously twisted section.

9. Repeat the same steps for the other side.

10. Back comb the hair that is in the original ponytail to create a messy, fuller look.

11. Pull out some random pieces in the front to keep the look more playful and undone.

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