DIY Make Up Storage Tutorials

DIY Make Up Storage Tutorials
DIY Make Up Storage Tutorials

What you will need:

4 beauty boxes
Glue of some sort, i used a hot glue gun

  1. First of all take 2 lids and cut one of the longer sides of each, these will be the sides for your drawers. (Pic. 3)
  2. Next take one of the boxes and cut off all of the sides leaving you with just the base. (Pic. 6)
  3. Glue the two sides (made in step 1) to the base (made in step 2) which will leave you with something that looks like picture 7.
  4. Now take another lid and cut off the two shorter sides and trim half of the longer sides. This will act as the backing for your drawers. (Pic. 9)
  5. Glue the backing (made in step 4) to the rest of the structure created in step 3. You should have something that looks like picture 10.
  6. Take the final lid and glue it to the top of the structure. (Pic. 11)
  7. Slide all of the remaining boxes in to create your drawers. (Pic. 12)
  8. Finally use your ribbon to decorate your drawers, hide any rough edges where you have cut the box and create little loops to use as handles to open the drawers.

Source:Peach Fizzz

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