Diy Tin Can Valentine’s Tutorials

Diy Tin Can Valentine's Tutorials
Diy Tin Can Valentine’s Tutorials

Need to prepare

  • small tin can
  • white printer paper
  • scotch tape
  • red spray paint
  • drill with 5/64 drill bit (or any small sized drill bit)
  • tealight candle
  1. Hand draw or print a heart shape onto paper. For my 4″ tall can, I printed 2.25″ tall hearts. Cut out heart, and trim paper to match the height of the can.
  2. Tape heart stencil onto can.
  3. Spray red spray paint into heart cutout. Allow to dry, then remove stencil.
  4. Hold can securely, and drill holes around the perimeter of the heart, eye-balling the placement of each hole. Set a lit tea light candle in the center.

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